Retro Computer Resources

Although you can find many retro computer information resources throughout the Internet, I do collect various technical documents and related files that I find to be useful and now I post them here, as well, for others to utilize. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. Click any link below to download.

Diagnostic Software

Advanced Amiga Analyzer v2.00 (1995-03-30, Wilcom)
Amiga DiagROM (Latest stable release, John Hertell)
Amiga Test Kit v1.17 (2021-07-02, Keir Fraser)

Schematics — Motherboard, Expansion Board

Amiga Schematics – High-Quality PDF (Vector)
Amiga PCB Explorer Interactive PCB Reference [external website]


Probing the C64 by Sven Petersen - see original post on Sven's website
Commodore 64 Scope Quick Reference by The Retro Channel

Diagnostic Software

MFR Diag Utils for EasyFlash3 (Ver 210516 )
Disk Aligner for 1541 (1984, GRQ Marketing, Canada) — recently discovered

Schematics | Motherboard

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