Hobby Electronics Workbench Tools

The following tools are ones that I currently use, have used or tested and would recommend to others for their hobby electronics workbench. Note, some links below might be affiliate links and forward you to Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. — using these links does not increase the price for you as the buyer but may provide a small monetary contribution back to .

Soldering & Desoldering Tools

Hakko FX-888D

Enjoy excellent quality and performance from Hakko's entry-level digital soldering station. [CA seller] [US seller]

Hakko FX-951

For the serious hobbyist, the FX-951 offers 70W of superior heat transfer. Sleep function, auto shut-off, quick-change T12/T15 tips. [CA seller] [US seller]

Weller WE 1010

A powerful yet easy-to-use and cost-effective soldering station with 70W of power. [CA seller] [various sellers]


An amazing little soldering station. Perfect for the electronics hobbyist. Its unique design can output 75W, heating your iron up to 480°C/900°F. See all the positive reviews on YouTube. [CA seller] [US, CN sellers]

TS-100 Portable Soldering Iron

At home on the bench or in the field, the TS-100 mini solder iron packs 65W of punch in a portable easy-to-use form factor. [CA seller] [US, CN sellers]

ENGINEER Inc. SS-02 Solder Sucker

So well designed this solder sucker offers incredible vacuum suction in a small and very sturdy package. Made in Japan. [CA seller] [US, CN sellers]

Hakko FR-301

The FR-301 Desoldering Tool is the gold standard in all-in-one handheld desoldering tools.  Its quick-change nozzle system uses Hakko’s versatile N61 nozzle series tips. [CA seller] [US, JP sellers]